How do you describe a narcissistic person or relative?

No empathy. Npd people are self serving. They have their own agenda they follow regardless. They have hatred and envy, upset not getting that special treatment, attention, love. They can be charming when it's convenient. Arrogant but needy. Live in their own grandiose universe. Occasionally, the reality breaks through. Then they become victims. They torture the people who love them. Hard to treat.
Lacks humility. People with narcissistic personality disorder (npd) have an exaggerated belief in their own importance, have a high need for admiration, and have difficulty empathizing with others. Of course, people with npd also have other traits that fill out their individual personalities, but these are the primary features of npd.
Narcissism. The hallmark of a narcissist is an immense ego, grandiosity, and self-importance, as well as being entitled, and a tendency to use and objectify others as well as thinking of people in all-good or all-bad terms instead of shades of gray. The core of a narcissist is profound insecurity.