Is attention deficit disorder treatment only for school, or do you use it every day of the year?

Key question! The benefits of continuing treatment when school is not in session often outweigh the risks of the medication. Remember, the problems from adhd are not just with grades. Adhd symptoms adversely effect a child's ability to make and maintain friends, have a positive relationship with parents, make less impulsive decisions with peers (e.g. Trying cigarettes or sex), and less likely to have accidents.
Criteria for ADHD, A neurodevelopmental disorder, reflect that it is a chronic disorder that harmfully impacts a child's functioning in at least 2 settings ( home & school.) it can impact learning, behavior & peer interaction.It doesn't end when the school bell rings.Long-term growth is the same with daily vs. "holiday" schedules. Daily meds + behavior therapy + environmental manipulations are a good choice.
ADD. Sometimes rx are withheld during vacation time. It depends on their behavior.