Has anyone had a lumbar microdiscectomy successfully?

Microdiscetomy. The microdiscectomy procedure for treatment of lumbar disc herniations is one of the most common surgical procedures for spine surgeons. The effectiveness is closely linked to having the appropriate symptoms relative to the spinal disc level. Successful resolution of leg pain should be greater than 90%.
Yes. For a person failing non op care of at least 12 weeks with leg pain the predominant symptom with positive straight leg raising sign and imaging correlating with a disc herniation compressing the nerve and that patient is not a smoker, not a diabetic, not obese, not a revision surgery or does not have a neuropathy, success rate is at least 90%.
Lumbar discectomy. The successful rate of a lumbar microdiscectomy is typically high. However, a small percentage of patients may have a recurrent disc herniation after a microdiscectomy.