Does any kind of kidney disease cause a sore back?

Yes. Kidney pain is usually experienced in the back. The pain can also cause you to move uncomfortably, which can lead to further back spasms. You must address all kidney disease. Pain from kidneys is not a good thing.Kidney pain is usually on one side, but the pain can be referred to the mid-line. Most back pain is not kidney related.

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Can any kind of kidney disease or kidney failure cause a sore back?

Maybe. Any condition of inflammation of the kidney or ureters (emptying system for urine) might cause pain in the flank (back area). Usually, kidney pain will be to one side just under the ribs (costovertebral angle). If associated with changes in color or clarity of urine, blood in urine, then kidney more likely. If in the middle, then back more suspect. Your pcp should be able to xray and determine. Read more...