Can I still practice cricket after suffering from lower back pain?

Yes. You can do any athletic sport as long as you are not suffering after doing it. Let pain be your guide. If you are in severe pain after an activity or if your pain is increasing every day when you perform it, then cut down on the amount you do the activity. You don't have to curtail it altogether, just reduce the amount of time you do it.

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I usually have lower back pain after bowling in a cricket match?

Nonspecific. This is a fairly nonspecific complaint and could be cause by any number of factors such as poor body mechanics, suboptimal technique, suboptimal conditioning, degenerative discs, etc. If the symptoms are severe, persistent, or debilitating, see a physician.

I have muscular lower back pain from playing cricket. What can I do to treat it?

See your doctor. This is a problem that necessitates a face-to-face meeting with your doctor. This will allow him/her to examine you, ask specific questions. And possibly order tests to find out what's wrong and what to do to help you.

Hi I'm 21 year old, I have low back pain and the main problem is I pay lots game like cricket, football and etc, I get tired very soon if I run.

Back pain. It is possible a strain back muscle. Remember to do proper stitching before, during and after exercise. Also, warm up (gradually increase the level of intensity of the exercise). Regarding tiredness, may want to discuss with your physician to make sure you do not lack of a vitamin or hormone (thyroid). Hope you feel well soon.

Might I still practice a sport after suffering from lumbago/lower back pain?

Yes. Pay close attention to strengthening your core muscles. Using an anti-inflammatory medication will likely help your back pain. Stay active.

Should I still practice a sport after suffering from lumbago/lower back pain?

Possibly. As long as the sport doesn't worsen your pain, it should be ok. Check with your physician before you restart.
Yes if better. Exercise, in general, is helpful for back conditions. As long as your symptoms have resolved you can usually resume all activities. Sports activities can sometimes place certain stresses on musculoskeletal structures that vary with your age, your skill abd form, your underlying conditioning and the level you play your sport at (recreational to pro) and what type of specific sport you engage in.

Hello I have been suffering from lower back pain and I am unable to see my own dr?

Seek another doctor. It is unfortunate that your own doctor cannot see you. I would, first of all, find another PCP who can accommodate acute visits in a more timely manner. Secondly, you may want to try and schedule an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon who is Fellowship trained in spines, or just a general orthopedist. Warning signs to go to the ER are loss of bowel or bladder function, numbness, weakness in.

I an suffering from lower back pain for over a week now and it's difficult to even sit walk or stand what can help me?

Benign or serious. Low back pain is very frustrating. If this is your first episode then you always need to make sure it is not something serious (metastatic cancer to the spine, infection). Most back pain is musculoskeletal and harmless and 90% resolves by 6 weeks. It is important to stay active and to see your pmd to make sure it is not something more serious. Motrin in the mean time, .
Seek specialist help. In my experience pmd's often do not have the time to order all the tests and read the resuts. A reputable pain medicine physicinan has those skills and specializes in diagnosis. I have found cancer and other serious conditions that, caught early, can be effectively treated. Not saying pmd's are bad, but that someties a specialist can be more, well, specialized....

Hello! I am 26 and suffering from lower back pain since I was 16. Doctors said there is nothing critical but for me pain is unbearable sometime. Wsid?

Unrelieved back pain. Chronic lower back pain is common. Assuming you doctor perfomed an MRI and was normal, then usually the cause can be related to chronic muscle straining, related to wt and posture, or referred pain from another region of the body, or even inflammation within the joints, facets or sacroilliac joints, or discs themselves/discogenic pain. See a back specialist/pain mgt md.
Conservative care. At your age it would be ideal to avoid getting into chronic treatment with medications, injections, etc. For this reason, aggressive conservative treatment is recommended including physical therapy (including strengthening and stretching), increased overall activity, regular exercise, weight loss, smoking cessation, improved diet. See a physician to discuss treatment.