What treatment is there for a spinal fracture? Or is it hopeless?

Kyphoplasty. There are vertebroplasty to help straighten the fracture vertebrae on the back. This could help the pain. You need to get an evaluation to see what therapy is available for your back fracture.

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What is a nondisplaced spinal fracture and what is the treatment for it? I'm 18 and haven't had any recent traumas but my xrays showed I have one

Varies. It means you have a fracture, which is a break, in some part of the vertebrae. The fracture is not displaced, meaning the bone on each side has not shifted. Did you have a injury? Are you in pain. Treatment would be based upon the part if the spine involved and whether or not there we're associated soft tissue injuries. Discuss directly with your orthopedic surgeon.