Anyone have any knowledge of hairline spine fracture therapy?

No I did not. But if the patient has severed osteoporosis it could happen. I have an incident were rupture disc happen during spine manipulations.
Hairline. Fractures of the spine that are called"hairline" most often relate to injuries of the posterior aspects of the vertebral elements. Those are usually treated symptomatically, without surgery. Bracing, rest, and pain meds are used first, then eventually physical therapy can be started.

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Hairline spine fracture. What do you do with that?

It depend were is it. Spondylolysis is a hairline fracture of the lumber vertebra and could lead to spondylolisthesis which may require surgery on the back. It cause lot pain in the back and the my raddiate to the buttockes and the legs we treat with braces limitation of certian activityand pain medecine.
Take it easy. Most spine fractures will heal within 3 months with bracing, limiting strenuous activity and close follow-up with a spine specialist. Some fractures require surgical stabilization and kyphoplasty is an option for elderly patients with compression fractures. Check out spine-health. Com.

Could I have a hairline spine fracture?

Consider Imaging. Patient's with spine fractures typically present with pain. Spine fractures can be obvious & create significant bone deformity, these may require surgery for decompression of the neural canal & stabilization. Fractures can also be small & subtle such that they are not seen on x-ray or even on ct. These may be what you refer to as "hairline." if you & your doctor are concerned for this, get an mr.

If someone has a spine fracture, should they see a chiropractor for treatment?

No! See an orthopedist first to get the low-down, and ask whether your back is stable enough for chiropractic or physical therapy. If he/she says yes, then go for it.
No -They should be. Seen by a neurosurgeon or orthopaedic spine surgeon. Once healed and cleared by the surgeon, one can go to the chiropractor for other back related issues if desired.