How can I prevent osteoporosis from becoming worse?

Diet, exersice &meds. Osteoporosis can have many causes, but can be treated. Eliminate smoking, limit sodas, eat a healthy balanced diet with plenty of calcium, vitamins c and d. Weight bearing exercises help increase bone mass, strenght and balance training helps to prevent falls. Talk to your doctor about prescription medications that halt bone loss and/or encourage bone growth. Get a bone mineral density study.

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How can I prevent osteoporosis?

See below. No smoking, no caffeine, regular weight bearing exercise, and a deit of foods rich in calcium and vitamin d.

How can I prevent osteoporosis?

Not always possible. Hi. Assuming no diseases that cause bone loss, you can help prevent osteoporosis with adequate calcium and vitamin D intake, healthy diet, weight-bearing exercise, and no smoking. There are drugs that can be used to help prevent osteoporosis in the setting of osteopenia, including bisphosphonates, the SERM raloxifene (in women), and estrogen use (in women). As a 25 yo man, your risk is very low.

How can I prevent osteoporosis at a young age?

Prevent osteoporosis. Although genetics do play a big role in the development of osteoporosis, there are things you can do to minimize the risk of getting it later in life: maintain healthy diet (adequate calcium and vitamin d intake), regular weight bearing exercise before and after menopause, don't smoke, drink alcohol only in moderation, maintain healthy weight (do not overdiet to the point of anorexia...).

How can I prevent osteoporosis? Is it possible to prevent osteoporosis through diet or other means?

Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis can be prevented by assuring an appropriate daily intake of calcium and and vitamin d intake since early in life. The current recommendations are 1200 mg daily 800 iu daily respectively. Decreasing risk factors such as smoking, sedentary life, high caffeine consumption and watching for certain medication side effects. Weight bearing exercises are the most effective ones to maintain bone mass.
You can decrease it. You can't stop it, but calcium supplements and weight bearing exercise such as walking or running can help.

How should I prevent osteoporosis?

Healthy Living! A diet rich in calcium (dairy, dark green vegetables, fortified foods) and vitamin d (fish, eggs, liver, fortified foods) can help. A little sun exposure stimulates your skin to make vitamin d. Avoid or limit smoking, alcohol, and sodas. Muscle building exercises stimulate bones to take in more calcium. Many prescription meds can cause bone loss; talk to your doctor about these.
Exercise. Weight bearing exercise, calcium, vitamin d are all known thing to try to help prevent osteoporosis.

What are ways to prevent osteoporosis?

Exercise and calcium. Regular weight-bearing exercise like jogging as well as a diet rich in calcium and vitamin d. It is also important to quit cigarettes if you smoke and to avoid alcohol in excess. Certain medications are associated with osteoporosis such as corticosteroids. Therefore talk to your doctor about them. Older post menopausal women and men with certain risk factors should undergo bone density screening.

What is the best way for a woman to prevent osteoporosis?

Supplements. At your age you should take calcium 1200 mg per day and vitamin d3 1000 units per day and do impaction type exercises like running.

I was wondering what are remedies to prevent osteoporosis?

Consult with Ur inte.. ...Ernist, , many things need b considered, bone mass, density, risk factors, including family history ; fracture history. So talk 2 ur internist also age is important.
Be ACTIVE. As the. Activities are the best therapy for preventing ; treating osteoporosis. Cause of osteop needs to be investigated so treatment for it is started. In majority the cause is age, inactivity, loss of hormones (like after menopause). Specifically some meds can cause it (steroids). Discuss with pcp/internist. Ensure you are taking vit d, calcium, healthy diet with a daily dose of exercises will help.