Can tingling numbness in toes be caused by spine fracture?

Definately. The nerves that supply the sensation to the toes come from the spine much like an electrical circuit.
Possible. It would depend at what level of the spine the fracture occurred, what damage it caused, how was it repaired.
Yes. It could result if the fracture resulted in a compression or inflammation of a nerve root, mainly at the l4-5 or l5-s1 level. This could happen if a fracture of a facet occurred or if the pars is fractured and a spondylisthesis results. Even a displace L5 transverse process could result in these symptoms. You should see your pcp for referral to a spinal surgeon.
Possible. It would depend on what level that the spine was fractured. If the fractue ia in the lower spine it is possible. A MRI would help to diagnose your problem.

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Laptop fell on my foot from a height of 3.5 ft. I have swelling and bruising around the impacted spot and numbness and tingling in toes. I have pain and I walk with a limp; it is also cold. Could my foot be fractured?

Foot pain. It could be fractured. Head to an urgent care today for an x-ray and depending on the issue they can refer you to a podiatrist in your area.
Possible fracture. When something falls on the top of the foot, there are many structures that can be injured. Certainly, the possibity of a fracture is one of them. There are superficial nerves and blood vessels that can be compromised by such an injury. Numbness and tingling can be as a result of this. A physical examination and x-rays are needed to rule out fracture. Further testing may be needed as well.
Trauma. Unfortunately, there are lots of structures that can be injured with trauma to the foot, not just bones. See your podiatrist for x rays and an evaluation.
Possible. It's possible that there could be a fracture. You may need to clinical evaluated and need imaging (x-rays) to determine if there is a fracture and get treatment. Good luck.