How long could it take to recover from cervical spine fusion?

3 months. Assuming a proper work-up has been done and conservative care has failed, most patients do very well from a single level cervical fusion. Average time for a complete recovery is 3 months. Check out spine health. Com.
Talk to surgeon. Please talk to your surgeon as to the time and pathway to recovery. Besides the surgical healing, there is commonly physical therapy that needs to be done before complete healing exists. Often these procedures are done through the back of the throat so wounds deep in the mouth need to heal also. Give it time, be patient, follow directions from all your providers.
Variable. Patients usually leave the hospital within 24 to 36 hours following cervical spinal fusion. It usually take 8 to 12 weeks for the fusion to become solid. During that time, patients may return to work performing sedentary activities. Returning to heavy work is variable depending on your fusion maturity and rehab. Speak to your surgeon regarding his patient's experience.