Should I breastfeed if I have hepatitis c?

Yes, You may. Breastfed infants are not at higher risk to get infected by hepatitis c. In case nipples are cracked or bleeding, abstaining of breastfeeding should be considered.
No. Hep c crosses the breast milk, this would be a bad idea.
Yes. Yes. Hepatitis c is transmitted by a virus in blood. There is no hepatitis c virus in breast milk, and hepatitis c has never been shown to spread via breast feeding. It may be prudent to temporarily halt nursing if mom's nipples are cracked or bleeding. If you are taking medicines to treat hepatitis c, you'll need to discuss whether those medicines are ok w/ nursing.

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Is it safe to breastfeed if you have hepatitis c?

Yes. According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) it is safe. Be sure to take good care of your nipples so that they don't crack and bleed. Here is the online reference: Read more...