Any homeopathy remedies for WPW and svt?

WPW. Wpw is a serious condition if its causing symptoms and having tachycardias. Using unproven methods to treat potentially life threatening problems is not a good idea.
Not specifically. Cardiac arrhythmias like wolf-parkinson white and supraventricular tachycardia need to be evaluated and followed by a cardiologist. Medications or other substances could also be aggravating this in you. Collaboratively though, an experienced classical homeopath can work with you to strengthen your body's restorative system. A remedy is not specifically "for" wpw, etc -- it addresses all of you.

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Is there homapathy for WPW and svt?

No, no, and no! The best treatment for symptomatic WPW is radiofrequency catheter ablation. Even allopathic drugs are not usually an adequate treatment. Wpw is potentially serious with heart rates of 220-300 or more and curable. Don't mess with it. Svt can be handled with medication in many cases or ablation when meds fail or aren't tolerated. Read more...