Safe to have extensive dental work done if you have SVT heart problem?

Yes. You should make sure your dentist knows that you have been diagnosed with svt as well as any medications you are taking. For your safety, your dentist may want to have your heart monitored during your treatment.
Yes. The most current research shows that there isn't a need to take antibiotics prior to dental procedures even if there is heart disease.
Svt dental. usually it is safe, make sure your dentist knows what meds you take.

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While suffering from svt should you take meds to stop your nerves from causing panic attack from being afraid cause of the heart problem?

Cardiologist. It's not clear what you mean, but if you have a supraventricular tachycardia, you probably need to have it fully characterized by a cardiologist, and to determine the actual risk and the recommended treatment -- so you don't panic. If you get panic attacks, you would most likely benefit from taking medicine to prevent them altogether. Read more...

Hep c, cirohsis, taking warfarin for heart problem, taking beta blocker, is it safe to get filling done for teeth?

Inform dentist. Please inform your dentist of all of your health issues so that s/he may take appropriate precautions and adjust the treatment accordingly. Read more...
Filling are safe. Not to worry about fillings. Warfarin use should be communicated to your dentist. Extractions/Periodontal treatment requires "bridging" (ask your Primary care MD and your Dentist ..they should communicate with each other for "major" procedures. Read more...