What kind of genetic liver disease can cause abnormal bruises?

Any. Abnormal bruising can be from problems in clotting cells (platelets), clotting factors (vitamin k, plasma proteins), iron deficiency, marrow problems. Chronic liver diseases of any cause, i.e. Infectious (viral hep), autoimmune, medication related, alcohol related, metabolic abnormalities (iron, copper diseases), others, can cause problems with clotting. Acute liver diseases inf., etc. Can do too.

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Which type of genetic liver disease can cause abnormal bleeding and bruises?

Genetic liver . Liver cirrhosis from several causes can be associated with abnormalities in blood clotting and that can present with bleeding and bruising . No known genetic causes of liver disease as being passed from generation to generation . Some disease can be due unknown causes such as biliary sclerosis , biliary atresia , hemangioma of the liver, focal modular sclerosis, autoimmune hepatitis, etc. Read more...