Why does my heart rate slow when I stand up after sleeing hard?

Can slow or increase. Standing up quickly causes blood to pool in the legs and causes the blood pressure to drop transiently. How transient depends on how compensated a person is. If dehydrated, elderly, anemic, or diabetic, then the blood pressure can remain depressed and will actually lead to a fast heart rate. The only time that the hr would slow would be if the vagus nerve got activated - vasovagal response.

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Why is my heart rate slow?

How slow? Slow pulse is common in very fit aerobic athletes, people on medications like propranolol, and people with heart block. If your resting pulse is below 50 and you are not in training, a physician's office visit might be in order. Read more...

How can I make my heart rate slow?

Aerobic fitness. Elite fitness athletes such as track stars have so much vagal tone to the heart that rates 55/minute are common and even lower isn't unusual. There's no other healthy way to reduce your heart rate, or any reason i can think of to want to do it. There is a great deal of misinformation out there. I'd urge you to find an aerobic-fitness sport you like and spend a lot of time at it. Enjoy yourself. Read more...