My shrink acts like all emotional problems are connected to my relationship with my mother?

Psychotherapy. If you think your therapist is putting too much emphasis on your relationship with your mother be fort coming and tell him or her exactly how you feel. Your therapist needs your input for a successful therapy outcome. You have the right to express your differences as this makes for a smooth therapy experience. Best.
A big influence. Relationships with our primary caretakers are our first learning about getting along in the world & with others.This happens long before we have the capacity for abstract reasoning. We literally take in our mother or mothering one. Many of our adult emotional patterns can be traced back in this way; insight allows us to choose different ways of relating if we see the benefit of changing them.
Our early . Relationships with our parents play a large part in many emotional problems. If you do not agree with your shrink's interpretations, tell them. Talk to them, sometimes this will lead to important discoveries of additional reasons for emotional problems. Let them know how you feel and see what you discover.