Are there natural hemorrhoids treatment options available?

Yes. A good high fiber diet and plenty of non caffeinated, non alcoholic fluids taken consistently and compensation for increased activity and certain meds is the most natural way to treat hemorrhoids.
Time works but... Depends on what you have already tried. The first things are conservative including infcreasing fluid and fiber in diet to ensure that you bms are soft, losing weight, limiting the time sitting on the toilet. Flare ups are then treated with creams, ointments. If still a problem you could try banding and finally excision/ligatiom. Surgery is really the only definitive treatment for this.
Witc hazel. There are many non-surgical treatment options for hemorrhoids, anal creams or suppositories often contain witch hazel and other compounds. Also lifestyle modifications are also important such as dietary fiber, plenty of water, excercise, yogurt/pre and probiotics.

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What hemorrhoid treatment options are available for reducing pain?

R U certain of Dx? Hemorrhoids are classified as internal (which bleed and protrude) or external (which can cause pain when thrombosed). Pain from thrombosed hemorrhoids respond well to sitz baths; if ineffective, minor surgery is necessary. Internal hemorrhoids don't cause pain; these are often confused with fissures, which can be quite painful, yet responsive to medication +/- surgery. Read more...
Soak. Sitz baths (soaking in warm water) and ice can both help shrink hemorrhoids temporarily. Avoid pushing or straining when you have a bowel movement. Increase fiber and fluid intake. Don't use a donut pillow - this can actually aggravate hemorrhoids. Wipe gently and avoid irritating the hemorrhoids. Wipes can be irritating. An oily cleanser like balneol can be helpful. See doctor if no improvement. Read more...