Are internal hemorrhoids curable?

Yes. The gold standard of a formal complete hemorrhoidectomy will remove all the internal hemorrhoids and at least disrupt the plexus of external hemorrhoids. Properly performed, this should reult in no significant future hemorrhoid issues.
Not a disease! Internal hemorrhoids are part of your normal anatomy. They don't need to be "cured". If they become symptomatic, usually produce bleeding, discharge and prolapse. Many techniques can be offered to treat symptomatic internal hemorrhoids such as classic hemorrhoidecomy, stapled hemorrhoidectomy (pexy), thd, rubber band ligation, etc. Go to www. Fascrs. Org and go to "locate a surgeon". Good luck!

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Are internal hemorrhoids curable or simply temporarily treatable?

Depends. You may be able to avoid irritating the internal hemorrhoids and thus may allow them to be less bothersome, but they may not go away completely. Drink plenty of liquids, eat high river foods, take fiber supplements like metamucil, avoid constipation and straining or sitting too long at the toilet.

Female 22 recently noticed a bump near anal canal and I believe its hemorrhoids? Is that curable? Does it go away natural? Sometimes it isn't that big

Hemorrhoids. If you felt a bump you may have had a small perianal abscess. Hemorrhoids are graded Stage 1-4 and can be treated by several methods including banding and surgery. Physicians will also teach you to eat plenty of fiber, stay hydrated, and to avoid straining during bowel movements. Visit your physician for more information and a referral to a colorectal surgeon for an exam and or treatment.
Can't tell. A picture worth a million words. Either make an appt. With your PCP or sign up for Health tap and send a video or pic on line.

What should I do if I have internal hemorrhoids?

High fiber diet. To prevent internal hemorrhoids from becoming symptomatic it is best to have large, soft bulky stools. This is done by following a high fiber diet and drink lots of fluids (beer doesn't count). If you have persistent bleeding or blood on the toiled paper it is essential to see your doctor right away since rectal bleeding can be a sign of cancer.
Seek consultation. Internal hemmorhoids can be treated with a variety of in office procedures. You should seek a consultation with a general surgeon or colorectal surgeon who treat this condition. You can ask your friends or call the hospital referring hotline for the name of a well trained surgeon.

What should I do about my grade II internal hemorrhoids?

Regulate bowel. Keep bowel movements soft and frequent, avoid straining, take extras fiber diet all can help in avoiding worsening of hemorrhoid and possible surgical intervention.

I have internal hemorrhoids. I'm a male. Will regular vaginal intercouse affect them at all?

It may, as you R__ __using your abdominal muscles which does increase intra-abdominal pressure, and cause them 2 B engorged during sex. Obviously U have already had them looked @ so if they seem worse go in for a re-eval. Pain & bleeding R a couple reasons for surgical care.
No. Straining to have bowel movements, lifting, or chronic deep coughing can make the hemorrhoids worse but vaginal intercourse with a woman should have no effect on a man's hemorrhoids.

I have had several internal hemorrhoids removed and now I have to wipe excessively to get clean. Sometimes an hour or two later, I wipe again but very little. No blood, no pain no urge to go.

Pasty gooey. Hard to clean stool is usually due to a lack of fluids usually about 40 ounces short for the day. Stay away from caffeine and alcohol and increase your fluids. This should help in 3-4 days. You may also have had damage to your sphincter muscles from the surgery. This too needs to be evaluated.