When should I see my personal physician or a specialist for my heartburns?

Heartburn or Heart? Heartburn or acid reflux is usually a burning sensation in the middle of the chest which occurs after eating, especially spicy foods or maybe when you lay down in bed at night. Similar burning pains in the middle of the chest might be signs of a heart blockage or heart attack. If these burning pains come on with exertion or move into your shoulder or arm call your doctor immediately.
Persistent symptoms. If you are have epigastric pain (just below the breast bone) that is persistent or you notice a bitter/acid taste in your throat. These are signs of reflux or esophageal/gastric ulcer... See your pcp. If you take over the counter meds for heartburn for more than 2 weeks... See your pcp for an evaluation. Taking the meds are fine... Just get it checked.