Looking for expert on pulmonary hypertension?

Tertiary care center. Most pulmonary hypertension experts are in tertiary medical/academic medical centers. Ideally you want to find a pah center of excellence in your state or area.
PAH expert. You can find a local physician specializing in pulmonary hypertension on the PHA website http://phassociation. Org or you can do an online consult with me if you like though since I'm out of state I can't treat you but can answer questions you may have.
PHAssociation. Check out phassociation. Org for pulmonary hypertension expert in your area.
High Blood Pressure. Pulmonary hypertension is high blood pressure in the lungs. There are many types and causes. You should definitely seek out either a lung specialist or even a pulmonary hypertension specialist in a university.