Does stress cause indigestion?

Often for many folks. Stress indicates that your system believes there is a demand, or some danger that you are confronted with. Your body then goes into a kind of fight or flight mode. It sends energy to your muscles for action and takes it away from the gut where digestion is underway. The result can be digestive problems. Learn more about stress effects at http://drmiller. Com/learningcenter/stressmanagement/.
Yes it can. Yes, stress can cause digestive problems like indigestion. Mind and body are intimately interwoven even though some people think of them as separate. However, your gut is richly supplied with nerve fibers, and is very responsive to stress. One can have "stress ulcers, " for instance. If these symptoms are more than sporadic, it's important to see your family physician for a checkup.

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Does eating while stressed/worry cause indigestion?

It can. Short answer is yes it can. You can also get indigestion from stress and worry even without eating. Stress does affect body functions.