What is the rationale of prescribing steroids for treatment of bronchial asthma?

Steroids. Steroids are anti-inflammatory in nature. Asthma is a disease that has both inflammation and bronchoconstriction as its components. Both bronchodilators and steroids are used in treatment of asthma.
ANTI INLAMMATORY. Asthma is a chronic inflammation of the airways and Steroids are used due to theit Anti inflammatory Effects.
Reducing swelling. Simply stated, steroids are used to reduce inflammation that is the primary problem in asthma regardless of the trigger which could be infections, allergies, exercise, etc. Inhaled steroids work on the lungs specifically whereas oral steroids help the lungs but also affect the whole body.

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Can you tell me about rescue treatments with bronchial asthma issue?

Quick acting med. There are two types of medicines used to treat asthma: controller medications and rescue medications. Controlled medications are meds used every day to decrease the inflammation of asthma -- inhaled steroids. Rescue medications are bronchodilator meds (albuterol for example) that are used if one has asthma symptoms. These are quiclk acting, work to reverse the muscle spasms that cause acute asthma. Read more...
Recue Meds. Reliever or recue meds to relieve Bronchospasm and these are called Bronchodilaters,short acting like Albuterol & Xopenex These can be used via Nebuliser or a metered dose inhaler and can be repeated every 15 minutes time Usually these are used in combination with controller medicines in moderate to severe asthma And for acute atacks some time we use a short caurse of Seroids for relief. Read more...