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Can you tell me how can excessive exposure to electronics lead to orthopedic disorders?

Excessive use of the. Hands, wrists, elbows results in overuse conditions like tendonitis mainly in fingers, wrists, elbows; carpal tunnel syndromes, cubital t syndromes (where the 2 main nerves to the fingers get trapped under tight ligaments, at the wrist or elbow); tennis/golfer's elbows (epicondylitis at outer or inner aspect of the elbow). Using an ergonomically styled keyboard, desks, seats all help greatly.
Not from the expos-- -ure but due to typing on a key board or using a mouse. Keyboard can lead to carpal tunnel or tendinitis, the mouse is more localized to the index finger.

How does excessive exposure to electronics lead to orthopedic disorders?

?? I do not know of this happening unless you mean sitting around on the computer all day and getting no exercise which might lead to "orthopedic disorders".

Is it possible to get orthopedic disorders from excessive exposure to electronics?

Text neck. Neck pain due to the position of the electronic device held while is use is one of the most common electronic device related orthopedic conditions. Keep the device held up to eye level to reduce neck strain. This reduces your risk of text neck.
Potentially. Extensive use pt the computer can potentially cause pain and problems in the shoulders, neck, and arms.