Will muscle atrophy just keep shrinking my muscles while I am stuck in bed after multiple fractures?

Activity critical! It is amazing how quickly lack of activity can impact the body. Muscle weakness, and even loss of muscle mass is a common and quick effect of illness and being bedridden. I warn patients that for every day in bed especially if critically ill, it can take 4 days of therapy to regain strength to the previous level. Activity is so important for overall and muscle health!
Atrophy. Muscles shrink in size with out activity. The longer you remain in bed the more muscle loss and weakness will occur. If possible ask if your injuries will allow you to perform some excercises or get out of bed.

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Have dorsal wrist fracture, getting married in 11 weeks;worried about muscle atrophy & muscle tone- obviously want to look my best & now can't exercise?

Treat the fracture. first and foremost. Second at a time and point ones progress there may a role for resumption of aerobic activity and certainly working on one core and lower extremities. Vigourous activity however can lead to increased blood flow and at times pain and swelling in the injured upper extremity so make sure one can tolerate this and speak to your treating physician regarding specific precautions. Read more...