Can you explain the process of an arthroscopic surgery meniscectomy?

Remove bad cartilage. An arthroscopic menisectomy is an outpatient procedure where torn knee cartilage is removed. Arthroscopy uses small incisions to place a camera and instruments inside the joint. The joint is filled with fluid, the damages cartilage is identified and removed. The joint is inspected for further damage and if none exist, the procedure is finished. You go home with less pain and faster recovery.

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I recently got an arthroscopic surgery, meniscoctomy, which was the trimming of my tear of my meniscus. Could these lead to long term osteoarthritis?

Yes, OA can occur. Any significant wearing of the joint surface articular cartilage, is, by definition, osteoarthritis (oa). There is a spectrum of oa from very mild and sub-clinical, to severe and debilitating. The real-time current status of one's knee cartilage is important, but just as important is the rate of demise. Your knee can reach a steady-state after successful treatment and slow down your progression. Read more...