Is the manipulation under anesthesia procedure safe if I have breast implants?

Manip breasts/joint? The answer depends on what is beng manipulated. If the surgeon is doing a closed capsulotomy, this may produce implant rupture. If manipulation of the a joint is going to be conisdered, then it too should have liitle effect on the implant.
What kind? The answer is likely yes regardless. Look here for a great review of chiropractic mua: http://www.Bartosekchiro.Com/mua.Html.
Should be. Manipulation under anesthesia should not involve manipulation of your breasts. However, if a great deal of work is to be done on your shoulders, it possibly can rotate an anatomically-shaped implant. I have seen this happen in very athletic patients. Make sure your physician understands the fact that you have implants.
Yes. Breast implants are usually not a consideration during anesthesia unless you need to be placed in a prone (face down) position, in which case care has to be taken with padding pressure points.