Can having high potassium cause heart attacks?

Yes. High potassium, (hyperkalemia) causes the heart to slow dangerously and will eventually cause ventricular dysrhythmia. The heart just stops. This is not the classic "heart attack" caused by atherosclerosis, but the problem is just as serious if not worse.

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Can having high potassium cause heart attacks?

Rhythm problems. High potassium ccan cause abnormalities in heart rhythm which can be fatal. These rhythms can result in cardiac arrest.

Could having high potassium cause heart attacks?

Yes. Severe hyperkalemia can lead to cardiac arrest, but not myocardial infarction (blockage of the heart arteries). It is highly lethal when it is very elevated and causes characteristic changes on EKG. It may be caused by undiagnosed kidney failure. It can be readily treated in an ER.

I am a 60 year old male with average fitness. My blood pressureis 150/95 with a heart rate of 42-52. Last week, I passed out. I have some lightheadedness and I am constantly tired. Ihave had high potassium. What should I do?

A bit unclear! High BP and low hr may be related. But, which came first? A low heart rate may have caused light-headedness and then an Adrenalin response that increased bp. But, a high BP may have caused a reflex heart slowing that caused the "pass out" you describe. High potassium (absent severe metabolic or kidney problems) may not be related. Complicated, yes? Please see your doctor. Soon!
See MD. Your blood pressure is high. You may also be dehydrated. Your urine color is rough indicator for this. It should be clear to light yellow and not cloudy or dark. It should not have a sweet odor to it. Get checked for diabetes, low iron, low testosterone. Start drinking a lot of water throughout the day -- about 1 gallon. See your md now.
See below. High BP - unlikely to cause symptoms low heart rate can cause symptoms- are you on beta blockers which are used for treatment of htn- these can decrease heart rate. High potassium has several causes - more information needed. Very high potassium level can also cause slow heart rate.

Should I worry about a heart attack if I am having symptoms of low potassium such as cramps?

Probably not. At 34 yrs of age the odds of you having a heart attack is very small. Also cramps are not typical complaint during a heart attack. The symptoms are ususally, squeezzing chest pain, pressure, shortness of breath, nausea, sweatiness. The pain can move to neck, jaw, arms, or back. Leg cramps can be from low potassium but other causes too.
Not necessarily. Low potassium can cause serious arrhythmias so it should be corrected. However, heart attacks are caused by different processes.

How high can BP rise with anxiety? Can anxiety cause heart attack?

Anxiety. Anxiety can raise the blood pressure and heart rate as your body releases adrenaline during an anxiety attack. Anxiety attacks can feel like a heart attack. If you're healthy an anxiety attack is rarely harmful in the short term. If someone who already has heart disease has an anxiety attack it can potentially precipitate an arrhythmia or heart attack.
Anxiety-HTN. Anxiety causes release of adrenaline like compounds which stiffen the blood vessel walls, increase the heart's efficiency and divert blood to the critical organs, all which increase bp. Repeated or continuous stress elevates BP and causes gradual damage over many years. Resulting in heart attack, kidney failure or stroke.
If U R having. High BP or fear u r having a heart attack, u should seek medical attention. Whether or not anxiety is impacting on your BP or not, u may need medication 2 lower the bp. I do not believe that anxiety can cause a heart attack, but until u have been checked out u will not know if u r having panic attack symptoms or a heart attack. Once medical has been ruled out, psychotherapy ; hypnosis can help.