Suggestions for dealing with skin itching in my cast for a leg fracture?

Try to ignore it. And, in particular, do not use any instrument to scratch it. The skin under a cast can easily be macerated by even mild pressure, and can cause an infection. An oral antihistamine like Claritin (loratadine) can help some, so try that.
Itchy cast. Try knocking on cast directly over the itch!

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How many weeks would one have to typically wear a cast for a leg fracture?

6 weeks. Fractures take six weeks to heal, but there can be other issues involved. These can lengthen the healing. Casting depends on healing. Other issues concerning your general health, your medical , etc. Read more...

Any advice on getting comfortable when wearing a big cast from a lower leg fracture?

ExerCise, sleep. For healing you need good muscle tone and good sleep. Mechanical things can also help. You could ask your orthopedic surgeon if the cast can be adjusted or changed. Read more...

I get extremely itchy skin usually on my legs and when I itch it I get raised bumps and Red pin point dots and it itches more. Should I be concerned?

Dry skin? Try applying a moisturizer on your legs within 3 minutes after bathing (daily bathing is encouraged) to see if this helps (may take a couple of weeks). Avoid scented or anti-bacterial soap. If the problem fails to resolve, consult a dermatologist. Read more...