What can be the solution for knee pain at age 51?

Diagnosis. There are numerous reasons for knee pain and an evaluation is generally required. Most orthopedics exams are directed at identifying surgical problems. Patients are often surprised much of knee pain is poor control at the hip and ankle. Two YouTube videos review the concepts: https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=43Nh5aYwFnA https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=t6SXiDCMP3E.
Knee pain. Knee pain can come from an acute process such as a torn meniscus or chronic such as degenerative joint disease. The question is too broad for a specific answer. If the pain comes from prolonged activity and recovers with rest then arthritis may be the culprit. Best recommendation would be more information regarding type of pain and relationship to activity.
Try exercises first. Exercise therapy can be very helpful for knee pain, particularly runners knee. However, they must be performed in certain ways. Rest from strenuous activities and targeted therapy are key. Online resources are available on sites such as simpletherapy. Com.