How can I prevent knee pain that only happens when standing for long periods?

Exam. There are numerous reasons for knee pain and an evaluation is generally required. Most orthopedics exams are directed at identifying surgical problems. Patients are often surprised much of knee pain is poor control at the hip and ankle. Two YouTube videos review the concepts:
Flatfeet? Hopefully mommyagian is not wearing high heels. Assuming you are not, check and see if you have flatfeet. Flatfeet will place extra stress on the inner portion of the knees. If this is the case try wearing orthotics and see if tis helps.

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How can I prevent knee pain and popping when standing for long periods?

Depends on examinati. It depends on the cause. You evaluation will detect whether there is swelling, instability, loose bodies, cartilage problems - a whole group of problems we call internal derangement of the knee. There are a variety of causes and that will help define the diagnosis and your treatment. Read more...