How complicated is the recovery for double hip replacement surgery?

Not easy. Obviously there are potential complications from a medical point of view. The recovery for a hip replacement takes several months to decrease pain, increase motion, increase strength and gradually normalize your gait. After this procedure, one can improve for 6-12 months afterward I would suggest doing only one side at a time due to the extensive surgery and recovery.

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What is the recovery time for hip replacement surgery? What is the usual recovery time for hip replacement surgery?

Variable. Every patient will recover at their own pace after a total hip replacement. Your recovery will be influenced by multiple variables, including your pre-op condition, severity of your arthritis, stiffness of your hip, the type of surgical approach used, and your motivation and active participation in your recovery process. Be motivated and educate yourself to help in your recovery.
Depends. The type of hip surgery will dictate. The type of implant and approach affect the recovery as well. Anterior approach returns to function faster about 2 weeks vs posterior which can take 6 weeks or more.

Does being double jointed affect the sucess of hip replacement surgery?

Ligament laxity. If the joint goes beyond the acceptable range of motion for its stability, as it can with ligament laxity, it can be more prone to dislocate.