How will the doctor do a hip arthroscopy to fix a labral tear?

Small incisions. Through several small incisions, a camera and instruments are passed into the hip joint. The labrum can be repaired by placing an anchor into the bone, and tying down the labrum to the bone and anchor.
2 incisions. Usually two small incisions, a traction table to create a working space by pulling on the leg, a small camera, a bur to remove the extra bone on the ball and socket that often causes the labral tear, anchors (screw like device that has a stitch coming from it) are placed into the bone, these stitches are used to tie the labrum back to a bleeding bed of bone on the socket.
Typically a patient. Is placed on a special table called a hip distractor. This opens the hip joint space up about 1cm. He or she will then make a series of poke holes to access the joint. Similar to a shoulder or a knee but much more difficult. Thank you!