What is the hintegra ankle replacement technique?

Complex. This replacement of an ankle is complex and 400 characters won't reveal much. Ask your surgeon their preferred or planned implant and go to the manufacturers website. Many have excellent patient information pages.
Surgery. The 3rd generation total ankles are all similar. You can view my surgical video on you tube.This will show you the technique for the surgery.
3 piece . The hinetegra ankle replacement is a 3 piece ankle replacement. A polyethylene mobile bearing is sandwiched between metal plate on the tibial side and a metal talar cap. It is not fda approved in the usa. A similar 3 piece mobile bearing replacement is the s.T.A.R. (scandinavian total ankle replacement) which is approved in the usa and has over 19 years of use .
TAA. The hintegra ankle replacement is a three component total ankle replacement. It is not fda approved for use in the United States yet. Although there has been some talk about getting it approved it is questionable whether this will happen.