What is involved in having a ankle replacement done?

Metal/plastic insert. Ankle replacement involves removing a small portion of bone on both sides of the joint (tibia and talus) and replacing it with metal on both ends and a special plastic (uhmwp) insert in the middle. It should be done by an experienced orthopaedic foot and ankle specialist.
Major surgery. At your age, unless you meet the criteria for tar, it is typically not recommended. However if you are asking for a family member or friend, the surgery is complex and requires a surgeon with advanced training. Usually, the patient is admitted overnight for pain control and weight bearing is not allowed for at least 2 weeks. The rehab can take 3months to 1 year. Hope this helps!
Surgery. The 3rd generation total ankles are all similar. You can view my surgical video on you tube.This will show you the technique for the surgery.