Is it possible to replace a amputated hand with another donor hand?

Yes. It is now possible to do this nowdays, but there are risks involved and a strict patient selection because of it.
Possible. It may be a challenge finding a compatible donor.
Challenging. To find a donor with a viable hand and hard to get to function normally due to vascular and nerves.

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Can you replace an amputated hand with another natural hand?

Yes. Hand transplantation is a pioneering area of transplant surgery. It is being done at several centers in the US. It remains somewhat controversial due to the need for life-long immunosuppression after surgery, and is most appropriate for patients with both hands amputated. Read more...
Yes. Recently, this has become an option for the reconstruction of hand amputations. Immunosuppressant agents to prevent rejection with close monitoring and intensive physical therapy will be necessary. Very few of these have been performed at this point. Read more...