What is the best way to rehab a knee after a MCL injury?

Physical therapy. You should be evaluated by a Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer, for a program best suited to your knee injury.
Several. First what is the severity? Step one after injury is ice, elevation and compression. Crutches may be necessary if your a limping. Next, obtain pain free range of motion. Progressive strengthening follows with closed chain exercises and open chain. Once your strength is 80% of the normal side you can begin jogging then a running progression. How long it takes to get back depends on the severity.

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If I can bend my knee all the way but not 100% from an MCL injury 5 weeks ago. Felt pain when I was aiming 100%. Should I get it checked?

PostInjury Stiffness. It is common to develop stiffness after an MCL tear. I usually recommend stretching and sometimes physical therapy. You just have to make sure that indeed its an MCL tear and not a meniscus tear. See an Ortho doc if not better in next few weeks. BTW pain with stretching is usually Okay. Cheers. Read more...

Mcl injury (inner ligament on my knee). How long will I be incapacitated?

2-4 wks. Isolated mcl sprains of the knee are fairly common. The healing depends on the severity of the injury (grade 1, 2 or 3) or mild, moderate or severe.If the ligament is mildly sprained near the femur the healing is fairly quick~2 wks.Or so. More signifigant tears of the tibial collateral ligament, esp.Off the tibia( where there is less blood supply)may take 6 wks to heal and bracing. See ors. Read more...

What are the best tips to rehab an MCL injury?

PT. A physical therapy plan, working on range of motion, and gentle strengthening, while avoiding stress on the mcl is the best plan. Wearing a hinged knee brace that protects the mcl is also important. Read more...