What is a? Knee arthroplasty?

Knee replacement. Total knee replacement they replace the end of femur (thigh) and top end of leg bone (tibia) with a metal joint. Quite effective for chronic knee pain that is severe and you are not able to bear weight. New joint may last for 15-25 years.
Arthroplasty. Generally means knee replacement, resurfacing the tibia, femur, and patella.

Related Questions

Is the knee arthroplasty a risky thing to do?

It Depends. Any surgery has associated risks. Knee arthroplasty is a big procedure. It is very helpful when indicated, however. Risks vary depending upon your overall health, medical conditions, level of fitness. Medical issues such as diabetes and heart disease increase the risk of any surgery. It is best to talk these risks over with your primary care physician as well as your orthopedist.
It depends. There are always risks associated with any surgery, but sometime the benefits may outweigh the risks. Discuss the procedure and risks with your doctor and decide on a plan of care.

What kind of complications might happen from a knee arthroplasty?

Many Possible. There are quite a few possible complication from a knee arthroplasty. This is best discussed with your surgeon. But in general, for the right patient, it is a good procedure.
Rare Things! Complications are rare. These include the usual players like infection, blood loss, and pain. Special issues include blood clots, which can be reduced by strong anti-coagulant medications, tight stockings and machines that keep blood flowing. Typically my biggest concern is making sure my patients work hard on range of motion! If not the knee might not bend all the way. Work really hard!
Major. Complications include the risk of bleeding infection blood clots or the need for future surgery these risks are all relatively low.

Is there a shot or an i.V. Involved when doing a knee arthroplasty?

Yes. It depend on the kind of anasthesia you will have, but all of them shots and IV.
Sure. Iv for general anethesia if your going to let someone resurface your knee with metal amd plastic why worry about the needle?

Can I get a temporary handicap sticker after having a knee arthroplasty?

Yes. If your doctor completes the necessary paperwork you can get one whether you have had a knee arthroplasty or not, but a knee repalcement is certainly a reasonable indication for getting one.

How long is recovery from knee arthroplasty? My husband is scheduled for knee arthroplasty. How long can I expect him to be recovering? .

Knee Replacement. Typically 6 weeks. The wound heals in 2 weeks. Physical therapy continues another 4-6 weeks. In case of cemented knee, the patient is walking on it the very next day.
Varies by patient. Everybody recovers at their own pace after a total knee replacement. Acute healing phase is 2-3 weeks. Count on about 3 months before he is back to most day to day activities. Physical therapy and exercise is critical to his recovery. The more dedicated the patient is to their recovery, the quicker it will be. Talk to your orthopaedic surgeon if you have specific activity related questions.