2 y old f just got over virus is busting 4 molars at once I found a pea size gland bk of neck 2 w ago 2 dr cked and said normal when do I recheck?

If it gets bigger. Sounds like a swollen lymph node related to recent infection. Can stay swollen for a couple of weeks. If it remains 'squishy and mobile' (meaning you can move it around like a marble under the skin), then it's ok. If it gets bigger, painful, or feels less well-defined and doesn't move around, definitely have rechecked.
Pea sized pretty nl. Its likely you pay more attention when your kid is sick & finding a pea sized lymph node in the neck is likely normal but just newly noticed.There are several in the neck & they often become larger (peanut to marble sized) for a few weeks with an illness and shrink back to pea sized in 2-3 wks. Rarely, they can be invaded by germs who overwhelm the gland causing an abscess. (very large).