I have anexity and I have the following symtoms: dizzy, nausea, tight head, not sure what's wrong with me, I had a really bad anexity attack after drinking and working too hard for a month and I thought I was having a heart attack... Had the same symptoms

Acute anxiety can… Trigger the symptoms you describe. Do you take any medications for the condition? If not, see your fp or a psychiatrist for workup to rule out cardiac disease, hyperthyroidism, etc. Try to limit the amount of caffeine you drink. Moderate exercise when you're feeling tense/ anxious can help burn off excess Adrenalin accumulated from unresolvable stress situations.
Relax. The symptoms you list are consistent with those of a panic attack. During a panic attack many people fear that they are having a heart attack or are dying. After your physician has assured you that your heart is fine and that your symptoms can't be explained by a medical condition, you might want to seek treatment for the anxiety symptoms. Drinking and working too hard could also be addressed.