Can spinal stenosis cause sexual dysfuction?

Yes. Any compromise of the spinal cord can affect the nerves responsible for erections.
Possible if... Many spinal-stenosis-related conditions may interfere sexual function with a highly variable degree and pace over time; they are nerve damage and pain by stenosis itself or after expected/unexpected damage by surgical "correction", aging, medical comorbidity, direct/indirect related disability. Most are well and highly manageable, but no cure, just to cope with reality, certainty ; uncertainty....
Yes. If the stenosis is severe enough, it can but it is usually one of the later neurologic symptoms.

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Can sexual activities like ejaculation and orgasm cause worsening symptoms in patients with Spinal stenosis, Herniated disc, Bulging disc?

Nothing permanent. Activity can affect these diseases but usually for the better. Exercise helps the problems but only a little. Bulging discs are rarely symptomatic so have at it.