What is the best diet for patients with gastroparesis?

What empties easily. Gastroparesis is uncommonly seen with diabetes, neurologic diseases, after some gut surgery, other. Liquids empty easier than solids; fatty foods empty more slowly; high fiber empties more slowly. See dietician for help.
Root cause. Why is there gastroparesis? Rule out thyroid problem. Check free T3 and reverse t3. Ft3 should be in upper range and rt3 in lower range. If your ratio is off, you may need Armour Thyroid or t3, and synthroid (thyroxine) would be the wrong med for you. Digestive enzymes may be needed.
Amount matters. The more important issue with gastroparesis is to eat small portions. Certainly difficult to digest foods can cause problems as well as foods that promote gerd such as chocolate, caffein, alcohol and citrus/acid foods. Those should be avoided.