Do you recommend cannabis as an alternative medicine? I know it is illegally federally but there is mounting evidence supporting the medicinal benefits of cannabis.

Med MJ is a rip-off. No. There are better medicines. The "medicinal effects" are theoretical at best. Cannabis, as presently available-in both the legalized system and the street drug system-is highly variable in potency &additives. It is a very difficult drug to manage, and the beneficial effects are overstated. Lack of motivation is a huge side effect. There are few successful, happy big-time pot users.
No. The psychotropic effects of cannabis can make psychiatric illness worse or more difficult to treat. There are psychotropic medications or supplements that are much more effective for treating illness.
Interesting question. Marijuana is fully legal in colorado, and I have many patients who swear it was the only solution to their migraines. European studies support benefit to treat spasticity in multiple sclerosis. My kids think it is marvelous that my state is so enlightened. Regardless of the historical distortions of mj in the 1930's by the drug companies (yes, big pharma!), we still have to do the research.
Yes. A multitude of people who do not have medical insurance use cannabis for medical problems. Pain treatment is the most common use. Some use for harm reduction, i.e., avoidance of methamphetamine ; alcohol. Migraineurs and fibromyalgia sufferers have been studied, ; cannabis has been shown to be therapeutically efficacious. Women with severe pms swear by medicinal cannabis.
Yes, depending on... Like all medicines, cannabis is not equally suited for everyone & every condition, but for many people & conditions it is remarkably effective & often far safer than pharmaceutical alternatives. Its classification as a schedule 1 drug is clearly no longer supported by science. See http://norml.Org/library/recent-research-on-medical-marijuana & http://safeaccessnow.Org/punbb/viewtopic.Php?Id=9980.
As above. I a agree with other doctors. However, it can be laced and a lot of people can end in er , in addition it can cause symptoms similar to schzophrenia.