I have endometriosis and have had blood clots passing with my cycle the past two days coupled with excruciating pain. Should I be concerned or go to the er?

Yes. The heavy bleeding may not be related to endometriosis. However, if your bleeding is extremely heavy, you can become anemic or even be in need of a blood transfusion in extreme cases. You should call your physician's office or go to the er to be evaluated and possibly be given medication to stop/decrease your bleeding, as well as help with your pain.
Endometriosis . Heavy, irregular bleeding coupled with pelvic pain/ cramping pain are very common symptoms of endometriosis. You need to be evaluated as soon as possible. Treatment usually involves a combination of medical and/or surgical options.
Definitely ! The emergency department can provide you with pain relief while you get a referral to a gynecologist. The modern treatment of endometriosis is to remove the visible disease. Robotic assisted laparoscopy provides the surgeon with 3d vision and magnification that maximizes the opportunity of extensive removal without the need of a hysterectomy.