What can a female with gastroparesis do to ease constipation from lack of fiber?

Gastroparesis&Fiber. Avoid stringy foods eg asparagus, cabbage, celery, oranges, tomatoes, etc or food with gristle eg roast beef etc. Use Erythromycin for 2-3 days every other week and Metoclopramide for 2-3 days also every other week. This avoids habituation and side-effects. Soluble fiber probably ok on this regimen.
There are lot of . Sources of fiber.You can take fiber pills, mix the powder form with any beverage, and eat fiber bars.You can do several other things to avoid constip.Drink a lot of fluids, take stool softeners, eat food with high fiber contents and be active.Gastroparesis can also be treated with meds. Some people with gastrop can also have slow motility of the sb and colon. You may need a GI eval if symp dont imp.

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What is a gal with gastroparesis do to ease constipation from lack of fiber?

More fiber. Lack of fiber in the diet can be increased by several methods. Vegetables, grains and otc products. Vary diet. If diabetic, there are medications that can be taken to facilitate regularity. Metamucil, fibercon are some examples of otc products. A daily salad with oil and vinegar i.e. Olive oil will help keep you regular. Evaluate your current medications for a possible cause as well. Read more...