How do I treat extreme acne combined with incredibly oily skin on my face?

Requires Rx. No one should have to experience this. For deep cystic acne, only a dermatologist can prescribe the retinoic acid family medicines that are required. Even in our sadly-dysfunctional health care system, you deserve access to this. For milder cases, I use topical Clindamycin and/or systemic Erythromycin or tetracycline (the last contraindicated in pregnancy.).
See a dermatologist. Severe acne can cause scarring that can be permanent. See a dermatologist sooner rather than later, specifically one who is comfortable prescribing isotretinoin, in the event that it is needed. Only a dermatologist should be diagnosing and treating severe acne in a 26-year-old.
Combination. You need to combine treatments - topical medications, oral antibiotics and oral vit a - my favorite is vitamedica healthy skin formula. Add in a potent oral probiotic to rebuild healthy gut flora, and some saw palmetto 2 x daily to help with testosterone to Dht conversion which can increase skin oiliness. If that doesn't work in 6 months you may need to consider accutane.
Dermatology eval. Wash face w gentle cleanser 2x/day & use oil free products. No oily hair or heavy foundations. Exfoliate occasionally. Try not to pop pimples. Avoid touching face (cradling chin in hands). Remove makeup before bed. Shower after strenuous exercise. Consider otc products (salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide). If > mild acne see dermatology.