I am very interested in the medicinal properties and uses for medical cannabis. Do you see the medicinal benefits and do you think that it would be wise to use or preventative care?

Very rarely, and no. For most, cannabis use has far more risks than benefits. I've seen people become very psychotic, paranoid, and socially isolated -- with distorted perceptions that lead to life-threatening behavior. I don't see that this is "preventative" care in any way. In very rare cases of chemotherapy-induced nausea where nothing else helps, perhaps a role; rare cases of cancer-related cachexia, etc.
More research. We need way more research on medical cannabis before we stampede to legalizing and prescribing for close to "everything" from headaches, muscle pain, stomach issues, bowel issues and the list is seemingly endless. I do think there is value here, but because the $ are high and people are looking at this drug they way they looked at the tobacco settlement money, we're wrong headed at present.
MJ contraversy. Although medical marijuana has many advocates and seems legal in 17 states, there is little, if any, convincing evidence of true medical benefits. Some of my pts are convinced it helps their migraine headaches, and spasticity associated with ms, but research studies are lacking so far. Best to discuss with a few physicians if it is legal in your state.