Had clear scope d/ w IBS - does IBS cause lower left abdominal constant discomfort? The pain however is not relieved after movement?

More sprecific tests. Ibs is garbage can diagnosis meaning "we don't know". Go to a4m.Com and use doctor locator function to find a local functional medicine doc to help you order specialized testing for gut like diagnostechs stool or genova cdsa to discover real cause. Could also commonly be food allergy - I was told all my life I had ibs until I discovered my gluten allergy. Dig deeper and get the answer.
Maybe not. The key to your answer is in the definition of "constant discomfort." if you are awakening from sleep due to pain, your symptoms don't come and go but are unchanging and ever present (or are actually worsening) then it is unlikely you have irritable bowel syndrome. In such a case, further evaluation is warranted rather than you just taking symptom-based medicine.