When is it ok to travel with a baby?

Baby . Road travel is easy way to travel. You may stop to feed , and most of the time they are sleeping. Air travel is challenging but Ok. Some airlines provide bassinet for the baby and it makes things easy. Breast feeding to is possible . Ask for special seat when calling the airline.
Anytime. You may travel with your baby anytime. Minimizing travel in the first 8 weeks is advised since your baby's immune system is still very immature. A well thought out plan can make travel an enjoyable experience. Consult your doctor if you are planning international travel.
After 2 month shots. Travelling exposes your newborn to strangers and unknown environments. This potentially increases the risk of your baby becoming ill.So, a general rule of thumb is to wait until she has received her 2-month vaccines. Then she is develpmentally more mature, better able to withstand the physical rigors of travel. You will understand her "language" by then, allowing you to better appease her.