Is reglan (metoclopramide) an antacid?

No. Antacids are buffers that bind to acid in the stomach. They are available over the counter. Reglan (metoclopramide) is Metoclopramide which is a medication that is typically prescribed by a doctor and is used to promote stomach emptying in patients, typically diabetics. Nerve damage to the stomach may lead to gastroparesis in these patients which slows output from the stomach.

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39 w preg. Volmit food and liquids. Allergic to zofran, reglan, (metoclopramide) tums, etc. Not ate or drank for 2-3 days. Ob won't do anything. Passed out sat?

Go to ER. You are probably significantly dehydrated and need IV fluids. Go to the er now.
Low fluid and BP. For a pregnant context, this seems threatening. You are about due to deliver. If you have not had food or drink for 2-3 days, then you are likely dehydrated and calorie deficient. Your baby may be threatened. Your fainting spell likely was either vaso-vagal or true low BP from fluid depletion. I recommend your go to an ER.