Chest tube recovery?

What is the question. Not quite sure I understand the question.

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Does a chest tube hurt?

Chest Tubes. Yes. Of course. But I would bet you already know that. I would be interested in the context of your question. I know of no medical team that would be using a chest tube as part of treatment unless it was absolutely necessary.
Depends. The small bore chest tubes inserted with a needle are much less painful than the large bore tubes that are inserted by making an incision and dissecting tissue down to the pleural.

Chest tube removal hurt?

Chest tube removal. It probably is similar to receiving as shot. If some one is anxious, pain medication can be given prior to removal.
Some. Removing the tube is usually very well tolerated. While it may feel strange, it generally causes very little pain.

How is a chest tube put in?

Through the ribs.. A chest tube is inserted by making a small incision on the side of the chest, usually along the same level as the nipple, and bluntly penetrating into the chest cavity over one of the ribs. This is done using a blunt instrument. Once the tract into the chest is created, the tube is inserted and tied in place. It is then attached to a canister that will drain the fluid or air from the chest cavity.
Depends. There are 2 ways. The easiest way is to place it over a wire that's inserted through a needle. These work for almost every type of problem that requires a chest tube. The other way, is to make an incision, dissect down to the ribs and puncture the pleura and place the tube through the hole. This is much more involved and painful.

What is a chest tube used for?

Chest tube. A chest tube is used to drain air, blood or other fluid from the chest cavity.
See below. It is used to drain fluids (blood, pus, pleural fluid) or air out of the pleural space.

Does it hurt when you remove a chest tube?

Yes. There is usually mild discomfort in removing a chest tube. It is much less than pain felt during inserting the tube, which can be very painful.
Not much. Much, much less then when it went in. There will be some discomfort, very little if any pain.

What is the definition or description of: chest tube?

See below. A chest tube (chest drain, thoracic catheter, tube thoracostomy, or intercostal drain) is a flexible plastic tube that is inserted through the chest wall and into the pleural space or mediastinum. It is used to remove air (pneumothorax[2]) or fluid (pleural effusion, blood, chyle), or pus (empyema) from the intrathoracic space. It is also known as a bülau drain or an intercostal catheter.